Intrusive Thoughts: Sanjay Narain

Sanjay Narain
The gentle moonlight,
slipping through my window,
and the sound of silence, 
somewhere far away, 
where I long to be too, 
It’s the way I thought,
my restless wandering,
was over...
and that I’d found...

It’s the beating of my heart.
the way I lie awake, 
playing with shadows,
slowly climbing up my wall,
whatever I thought,
I had found or wanted,
I started to collect then,
my belongings. 
to build a home,
behind the comfort,
of these four walls 
and a closed door
as much as I tried,
or pretended 
or imagined myself,
as a part of,
all the people out there.

I was still the one,
locking the door every night.
turning off the phone 
and blowing out the candles 
so no one knew,
I was home.
coz I was never really well,
around my expectations,
wanting to keep to myself. 
I haven’t been impressed lately,
by people or places,
or the way,
someone responds.

And then slowly,
changed my mind,
to bring my thoughts,
in sync with my desires,
to get fulfilled,
a few of them,
my thoughts have finally,
achieved assimilation...

I have been composing poetry and prose for a long time for self pleasure. I prefer prosimetrum format for my poems to make them easy to understand but write in other poetry format as well. I'm a content writer, blogger, compose poetry, voluntary Braille teacher, play violin for my soul satiation and work at a position of Chief General Manager with an oil and gas company for living and will be superannuating soon in June, 2024. -Sanjay Narain

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  1. Wonderful Poem and a good Career profile with wide ranging hobbies too. Keep it up. 👌👍👏


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