Mahatma Gandhi: A Harbinger of Truth and Non-Violence

Mirza Sibtain Beg
Recalling, remembering Gandhi is to rise and awake,
Slept conscience’ swag for humanity’s goodness sake,
Beleaguered brute bigot ostriches’ striptease is to rake,
Bulwark of harmony honed on his sacrifice is to shake
Non- violence supples centripetal force to win a battle,
A centrifugal force to make barbarism’s bones rattle, 
A philosophy that can enlighten even a frenzied cattle,
With its bricks and peace, world will be a haven habitable.
O’ apostle and advocate of truth and non -violence,
You swam ocean of thorns with sheer nonchalance,
Mollified aching hearts with melody of benevolence,
Tour de force spurred Tagore to call Mahatma in essence.
Your tenet of non-violence served the world a light-pole,
You changed history of revolutions with ideology to roll,
You shone in sky like moon with rays of harmony to dole,
Your sacrifice sets to wipe out menace from world a goal. 
You changed the definition of victory with thy philosophy,
You exhorted world the power of sacrifice with tenacity,
You practiced peace and turned uprising a serene symphony,
You cuddled oppressed with dalliances of equity and dignity.
True homage is to eradicate oppression from the globe,
Peace, truth, no-violence, compassion be world’s robe,
Hegemony, Hatred, bigotry, injustice needs a deep probe,
Light the lamp of love to spread light with amity’s knob. 

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