Revisit: What's New, What's Old? (Paramita Mukherjee Mullick)

The flowers will always bloom
A year of uncertainty and gloom.
But the flowers had always bloomed.
A year of loss of my dearest one.
My mother who joined my father in the celestial zone.
The only solace in my sorrow,
Which took me forward to a brighter tomorrow.
That her soul was released from her dementia trapped mind.
She left me for her heavenly abode to peace find.

Paramita Mukherjee Mullick
A year confused and people in pain.
But the flowers had bloomed and crops had rains.
The constant demography of disease and death.
But we have stood the ground, steady in faith.
Children have grown and so have trees.
The waves have danced in the cerulean seas.
The Sun has risen each day and spread light.
Reminding us every day that we will the pandemic fight.

So, cheer up folks, wherever you are! 
Embrace the balm, forget the scars.
A New Year is coming with new scopes.
So, let’s go forward with happiness and hope.
A world turmoiled with disease and pain.
Will heal up soon and everything will be same.
The New Year will fill happiness in every corner of the world room.
Fragrant and colourful flowers with always bloom.

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  1. "A world turmoiled with disease and pain.
    Will heal up soon and everything will be same."

    We hope for the best to discover the future.


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