Revisit: What's New, What's Old? (Neelam Saxena Chandra)

Neelam Saxena Chandra


Some shattered pieces of glasses
Pierce my fingers and blood oozes out,
As I remember the year that has passed.

As I try to wash the blood in the sink,
My glance falls on the mirror in front of me,
And the reflection of my soul is crystal clear.

The soul, also needs stitching,
As there are open wounds from which
Blood is not oozing, but flowing.

The passing year, with its painful memories,
Of the fear, the illness and the deaths
Keeps moving in front of my eyes like a movie reel.

Unknowingly, tears too start pouring from my eyes,
And, for a change, I don’t try to control them.
The grief has to drift, to make way for smiles. 

The history can’t be undone and remains embedded,
But there are bits of happiness too lying scattered.
In 2022, I will try to collect them and fill them in my heart!


Who desires to be shattered 
Into bits and pieces 
That seem impossible to be bound back?

The entire world was crumbling-
So many of our brethren were already dead,
And some of those alive were full of scars.
While the others had become like broken glass pieces 
Ready to pierce and cause pain 
To anyone who came nearby-
Not because it was their wish,
But because they were shattered
And their shattered bits were sharp!

Covid had taken its toll 
Not only on the lives,
But also, the thoughts and psyche of those alive!

Seeing the environment,
I too crushed into bits-
But as the new year dawns,
I find an amazing magic taking place-
My bits and pieces are being joined by some healer
With some golden powder…
And lo! I have a glow too!

Yes, the new year makes me grow stronger
And I walk steadfastly with stronger strides,
All ready to manage any new challenges!

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