A New Year; Republic Day and an assassination that shook the world

Sunil Sharma

First things first.

Happy New year!

May the new year bring happiness and peace in the world and your life.

It signals the beginning of another 12-month period where many things are planned and fresh resolutions made.

Some kept.

Some forwarded for the next.

And the cycle continues and keeps us engaged as rituals that are kept life-long and make us human in a regulated world.


And a Happy Republic Day, India!

26th January marks the day an independent postcolonial free nation came to adopt one of the finest constitutions of the world.

Each year on this important occasion, a country of 1.39-billion citizens celebrates the spirit of the constitution that guarantees basic freedoms and dreams of following justice and equity for all the classes in real practice. A robust judiciary and a functional parliamentary system along with a strong media ensure the delivery of many of these enshrined principles of the constitution that make India a powerful republic, despite gargantuan odds and problems of a huge country.

We pray for the speedy growth of the Indian economy and a participatory democracy and wellness and well-being of each of its citizens, the precious human resource that really makes an economy a big nation.

Hope that soon the developing nation realizes the full potential of its youth demographic dividend and becomes poverty free in the coming decades.


January 30 is a sad day for humanity.

On this dark day, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse and an angel of peace was martyred on the altar of hatred and bigotry. It is easy to hate but difficult to forgive, forget and love.

Bapu’s frail body was killed that fateful evening but his rich legacy continues to inspire a secular world and India forever.

Our homage to the Father of the Nation.


This January edition's special section---a call on the given theme: Essentials of Living: A survival Guide in the Pandemic-Stalked Times ---has elicited pretty good responses from our writer friends and is a rich tapestry of fine prose and poetry that uplifts the sagging human spirit in the face of the ongoing pandemic. Hope you will enjoy their well-presented pieces and drive some inspiration.


Setu Publications---extended arm of Setu bilingual---has come up with some interesting titles that have attracted good press and reviews and orders. It is a great moment for us, the lean team working dedicatedly in the promotion of arts that matter in a commercial age. We intend to serve you and our writer friends in the same manner---humbly and silently.

Spreading fine writing is our mission and goddess Saraswati 's blessings go a long way in realizing this project.


Thanks to you and all the contributors for the support.

The current viewership of the bilingual stands at 2,687,857. And rising.

We are happy that the vibrant bilingual platform is serving its objective well and getting love from its patrons.


Take care!

Be happy.

Sunil Sharma
Editor, Setu (English)
Toronto, Canada


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