Essentials of Living: Nandini Sahu (Poetry)

Nandini Sahu
A World Without Walls

Like a pitcher of nectar it contains Truth,
the messages from Gita, Bible and Quran;
the ideals of Ram and Rahim
Christ and Lord Krishna come together--
Embrace all, purify all.
It is a world without walls
where visions of unity, joy, peace
dawn upon us.
Can we dream of this world?

Here spring softens  its colour into breeze,
the happy day shares
children’s laughter in the park,
the birds sing spring songs
knocking the blue bright sky.
It is a dream ecosphere of a certain height
from where everything looks slight.

A house of dreams
its doors, windows, rooms
are eager to be possessed.
Evolution is no time’s achievement.
Man may accomplish it
allocate his head aloft
in a world without walls
and turn round and round
around it.

The Iron Gate

The dove of my eyes
seeking to soar in the azure sky
looking for an abode
in the domain of Heavens
at   the door of time.
The iron gates of the sky
were closed for the dove
to clash with another
whirl into swirls.

Now I comfort the dove
to leave the easy escaper’s way
and stand breast to breast
with the iron gate.
sinking all desires
or go to the sea
where wind rolls to infinity.
Don’t flinch in unfounded fear.
Till life droops towards the sunset
don’t get gagged by tears.

You’re the dove of peace,
flap your wings
high up in the blue
heralding life
over the horizons.
Run through the morbid
wilderness of bliss
till the iron gates of life
shed their skins.

Bio: Prof. Nandini Sahu, Professor of English and Former Director, School of Foreign Languages, IGNOU, New Delhi, India, is an established Indian English poet, creative writer and folklorist. She is the author/editor of fifteen books. She is the recipient of the Literary Award/Gold Medal from the hon’ble Vice President of India for her contribution to English Studies. Her areas of research interest cover New Literatures, Critical Theory, Folklore and Culture Studies, Children’s Literature and American Literature.

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