Essentials of Living: Supatra Sen (Poetry)

Supatra Sen
To an Enchantment called Life

A green corner with stories galore
An armchair in sync with the sun… and more
An open window with curtains apart
To let me know when seasons come and depart
Music and quiet, sounds and sights 
Are often more than mere delights
A part of both the breeze and gale
Idly gaze at clouds set sail
See them form and change and scatter 
Leaves born to bloom and wither 
So learn that nothing’s here to stay 
Whate’er we may warily find or gather
Travel endless miles in mind and wings
Remaining still till the spring birds do sing
Though fairies are real their magic true
To believe in them are just a few
And so one day will life change its way
As true as the night that follows each day…

Dr. Supatra Sen, currently Associate Professor in a reputed Kolkata college is a veteran academician, teaching and researching in the fields of Botany and Environment. Her international books, papers and reviews are chiefly in her professional subject. She has edited several UGC funded ISBN volumes and is also the founder and Chief Editor of an ISSN peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary academic journal ‘Harvest’ since 2016. Her tryst with poetry writing began in 2020 during the global pandemic and in October 2021 her poetry anthology ‘My Autumn Sonata’ was published.

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