Voices Within: Amita Ray

Amita Ray is former associate professor in English of a college residing in Kolkata, an academic of varied interests she is a Translator, Short Story writer and Poet. She has two volumes in Translations of noted Bengali authors to her credit. She is presently a translator in several ongoing projects. Her latest publication is a collection of short stories titled TRAIL OF LOVE AND LONGINGS. She has a passion for writing poems and has been widely published in various anthologies and journals. At present she is an executive council member of Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library, Kolkata.


A hallowed space
defying cascading scars of time
 petering to twilight’s phantom path
holds me in place.

Here I inhale sacred dust of deep truth
snuffed off in trespassing encounters,
 oblique unforeseen shadows 
at intersections tangent seek compromise
make mockeries of depths I seek.

Here a voice seraphic serenade
I take refuge as unspoilt dreams unwrap
here footprints existential
loose way in desert of forgotten lies.


A compelling feeling of belonging grips
as I leave my two-year-old abode
my den in student hostel.
The window ajar overlooking a bustling road
will catch the gaze of a migrant pair 
new animated eyes
renewed in succession every couple of years
rolling down time’s gradient.
The bed smothering loops of anxiety, sighs,
soaking endless pain, wonder, ecstasy
in creaks of every twist and turn
chronicles an epic narrative in chapters.
The reading nook is an ancient temple of 
pregnant minds worshipping wisdom
where nights remain awake chasing
prospective dreams of scholars-
I pause to glimpse back,
dislodging the baggage from my mind-
belonging is shared ephemeral
a part of a whole, its permanence
an ensemble in continuum
of time and space.

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