Voices Within: Mandira Ghosh

Mandira Ghosh is a poet and author of eminence. She is the recipient of Bharat Nirman award and also Women Achiever Award 2020 in the field of literature by Asian Literary Society. She has published and edited eighteen books. She is the Guest Editor of the Poets of India, Special Issue of The Seventh Quarry, The Swansea Magazine from Wales and is awarded with a Senior Fellowship of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Has received the Editor’s Choice Award, twice by the International Society of Poets, and has been elected to the International Poetry Hall of Fame. She is presently Treasurer of The Poetry Society (India) and also a member, the Governing Board and member, TPS Editorial team. 


Here lies near the setting sun
over my jasmine creepers,
over faded chalk marks of my old tennis court
A shadow of the sun's movements.

At six-thirty, the flight that comes from the western sky
Won't land at the Palam
Will fly eastwards, 
over to Dacca, over Myanmar, Singapore, Bangkok, or Manilla,
Over my broken blue bangles
scattered over the limitless ocean
that scattered over water endless

Time floats in time
Aroma spreads on space
Proof of my existence in my blue bangles,
Floats today over the ocean. infinite.

At, Mall, Shimla

She came down 
From Darchen, Tibet
A lonely village 
On the foothills of Mount Kailash.
Completing her Kora 
She was happy
Purchased wool
To give warmth to the world
To survive, from snow and cool.

She took the Silk- Route 
Somehow reached Shimla
 I met her near the mall.
Her face wrinkled with the weight of time,
She stood erect and defied gravity.
Tourists came to enjoy and play, 
She held the needles firmly
To knit for, 
our soldiers,
For newborns of the frozen hills
For the young, the old, and the infirm 
but bold.
knit socks, mufflers and sweaters for all.

She went on knitting 
Till the needles fell on the ground
Picked up to resume again to knit the mufflers using remaining wool
But before that she
gave me a toothless smile. 
And informed the cruel world 
To be kind, compassionate,
To remain bold
though she might be poor, homeless, battered and old.

A Piece of Paper

A piece of paper
ensuring my happiness of
empowering women,
fell on the river water,
darker than darkness.
Rain showers then
on deep, dark waters,
to drown the paper
that could not be drowned.

How significant can be the communication
that reaches on time
to the needy,
to the infirm,
to the aged
to the shattered
to women changing society's norm!

The piece of paper carried all
Communicated and
reached all
soaked, battered, washed
But it reached on time.
Intact, comprehensible.
Beyond dying and death.
To the world
That needed new vision and change.

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