Dr. Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman, Malaysia (Winging through Gloom: Poetry of Hope and Recovery)

Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman
Dr. Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman is a bilingual poet, certified translator, researcher, literary critic, essayist and a freelance lecturer. She is a recipient of thirteen literary awards and prizes. Her poems are in more than 250 anthologies and translated into 37 world languages. Four of her poems are Malay songs. Her life history was filmed by the National Archives of Malaysia and The National Film Department of Malaysia and aired on TV1 in 2009 and 2012.


The post-pandemic is a red alert call in history
a grim reminder to battle against the invisible enemy
and a return to normalcy

The end of a new beginning
is a provision with countless blessings
in the journey of mysterious entity

The ride may be bumpy and thorny
but we cannot let our guard down and be gloomy
as our future is still young and friendly

Adapting to new norms is opening up the wings of light steadily
and keeping the past at bay

Hybrid teaching, home schooling and virtual classes
are top-notch learning achievements that offers
a wealth of opportunities in the broad spectrum of areas

Digital experiment in the grace of perseverance
garnered a remarkable response in commercial venture
in a friendly gesture to a global audience 

Digital technology has been a saving grace
Our crucial financial lifeline!

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