Ms. Hema Ravi, India (Winging through Gloom: Poetry of Hope and Recovery)

Hema Ravi
Hema Ravi is a poet, author, editor, reviewer and resource person for English language workshops. As Secretary, Chennai Poets’ Circle (CPC) and Connecting Across Borders (CAB), she coordinates poetry readings and interactions. Author of Everyday English, Write Right Series, co-author of Sing Along Indian Rhymes and Everyday Hindi, Hema pursues her profession as Freelance IELTS Trainer, finds time for her creative pursuits. She is a permanent contributing Member to ISISAR, Kolkata and IWJ, USA.


Appearance - not as thunderous rumble
Without pulling off rug from feet, caused a tremble.
In shrouded silence, as winter sunset
Originated from a far-off town in the East
Before long, spread its tentacles to the North, South and the West
In every corner, created panic
From an epidemic, into an outrageous pandemic.
Men became lonely, lost, and dejected
Confined to four walls, desolate and depressed
Virtual world the only solace
Left little opportunity for gossip or malice.
Loss of kith and kin, empty homes,
People grieved on streets and shores.

While humans in bondage cringed,
Other beings with their newfound freedom thrived.
Observing winged creatures became pastime for a few
Several others explored hobbies anew.
Lunches, dinner and quality time with family
Helped to ease things out, retain one’s sanity.
Above all, it emerged as moment of epiphany
Live and let live – the mantra for harmony.

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