Dr. Roula Pollard, Greece (Winging through Gloom: Poetry of Hope and Recovery)

Roula Pollard
Dr. Roula Pollard, a Greek poet of the Diaspora, has been translated into ten languages, and is included in more than 170 international poetry anthologies. A recipient of several international poetry and humanitarian awards, she has to her credit, four poetry books, a collection each of short stories, essays and one act plays. Dr. Roula Pollard was a literary promoter in England and has translated the works of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes into Greek.


Today, tomorrow, always 
in all seasons, decades centuries, even in the darkest of times
women increase their love, keep it strong to lift the world out of its misery. 
Today, tomorrow our love multiplies with affection, active love, 
protective, sincere, passionate, honest and blessed. 
Our love's fullness grows goodness to heal us and the world 
to heal our wounded planet. Alert day and night 
on a motorway of patience and determination 
alert to nurture our children’s lives with love 
to feed our husbands confidence and support 
our children, mothers and fathers.
In our hearts and our minds, we plant daily 
in the earth of our hearts, prayers for World Peace.

We kneel on the Earth, the Earth we spray with our tears, love and thankfulness.
The universe absorbs our joy and tears, our prayers fill the cosmos with love!
Oh God, hear all mothers, wives, daughters, hear our prayers for Peace. 
Stop the wars, let goodness grow in us, Oh God. 
Today, tomorrow, always
I, we stand against all aggression, wars, nuclear and conventional.
I, we, women stand against oppression, drugs and their lords, 
we stand against the abusers of children, media poison, 
we stand against intimidation, against evil.
Today, tomorrow, always, I pray for forgiveness, compassion
World Peace and true love.

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