Poetry: J. D. Nelson

J. D. Nelson
I could be the ape of the wrong nothing

I am the apple cake
I am a clean human

the microphone is naked
the naked barnacle cake

the bug is the third doctor
challenging the dirt

particle or article?
the bright donkey cloud

the shedding ape eats the grass
sleep is the hum of the world

a while ago was the bread

I won an apple at the bank
the idea was to lose the snake

for the willow
the little liter of the sauce
I’d been saving

at the dollar bill rodeo
I was the seventh witness

we speak a new language
every time I crack an egg

a scone & a scarf

I was silent when the forest called
I was the moon of the mighty night

that darling of the eiffel
the game of the nourishment

listening to the wheel
learning of the ashen earth

the shampooed grain
the winning willow

the help of the andes
the bright sun fading

science is in the rafters & bat, bat, bat

in your bumble
a bronco

the clocks in the mansion
the miraculous sneeze

the corn of the rainbow
the gravity of the popcorn salad

this manic bean liver
this bargain of the eagles

wearing your apple coat
stand with me in the snow

1 comment :

  1. "the shedding ape eats the grass
    sleep is the hum of the world"

    I was at a rescue/restoration zoo today and I was reminded of these lines, not just because of apes (though I did see them) but because the sleepiness of all the animals (including the human ones) under the sunshine.


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