On Poetry

Sunil Sharma
Always be a poet, even in prose.
---Charles Baudelaire
This April, we have combined two special sections with the general one: Poetry Month and Western Voices, the latter guest-edited by friend and collaborator Scott Thomas Outlar, a big name in poetry.
The response to our open call for Poetry Month was extremely good and encouraging: That people worldwide are into poetry and observing April as the month of poetry with gusto and elan. It was a practice first seen in America in the year 1996. Called National Poetry Month by the Academy of American Poets, it involved the entire civil society and encouraged the reading and dissemination of the songs that spring from the hearts of the poets and go straight to the hearts of the readers. Over the years, the social trend of appreciation of poetry as a strong medium of expression of subjective and objective realities of human civilization and nature grew phenomenally and spread in other countries as well.
Turning us all into poets---some born, some by default and some, by reading and humming lines that continue to travel with us in time and space.
Poetry humanises the people and makes the place worthy by its presence.
We called it Poetry Month because, in cyberspace, borders are no longer that relevant and Setu wanted poets from across the world and the full spectrum of poetry to participate in the call.
Encouraging to see the poetic---some good poetry selected under that head here--- response to our call and glad to share that the way poetry is being written, sung and celebrated internationally, in all the languages, by the young and old alike, is a sure sign of the health of human soul and vitality of culture; it confirms the joy and delight derived out of words, imagery and ideas, in their reception as the finished artifact and craft; things that give solace in the ongoing dismal pandemic times and a reason to find happiness in art, when other things fail to cheer up.
Second section on "Western Voices" is another annual delight and poet Scott has curated some of the finest signatures writing in English in all its variety and richness and multiple locations and geographies for this fourth yearly endeavour.
We remain grateful to Scott for his kind support and all the other featured authors.
It is a super bumper issue with other regular and exciting features.
Setu continues to innovate and bring monthly content for our discerning readers.
We hope you like this edition as well for its varied spread.
Thanks to your love, Setu bilingual has already reached 2,893,569 hits.
It could happen due to your patronage and solid support of the global writing community to this humble journal that welcomes and celebrates fine writing from across the world.
Elsewhere, you will also find the link to some interesting video recordings about Poetry Month with its theme of Celebrating Life and tributes to Rabindranath Tagore on his upcoming birthday.
More power to the creative and critical writings.
Take care.

Sunil Sharma
Editor, Setu (English)
Toronto, Canada


  1. Very motivating thoughts penned ... Admirable!!

  2. An editorial drenched in sensitive erudition . Kudos for yet another excellent issue.

  3. So far Superb! Scott adds sensitivity to poets for their work and clarity to the realm of poetry.


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