Poem: If Only (Meenakshi Mohan)

Meenakshi Mohan
If only …

Let me forget for a moment --
The perils of the world,
disease and pandemic,
 war and destruction,
the sobs of a nine-year-old child,
in a war laden country,
soaked in the blood of his mother,
“Mamma, I will never forget you”

If only …

I could forget for a moment --
storms and the tsunamis,
the impuissant tears of a mother, or
the roar of a helpless forty-five-year-old child,
“Mamma, I can’t breathe!”

If only …

You were to write my life in numbers,
Let me celebrate the remainder --
 listening to the symphony of the breeze,
dancing with the swinging trees,
smelling the fragrance of a flower,
catching a raindrop in my hand,
gazing at a rainbow.

If only ….

I could celebrate the days --
staring at the ocean waves
counting their coming in and going back,
watching children making a snowman,
 pulling out carrots from its nose,
chuckling in their merriment,
playing peek-a-boo, 
stories of angels and fairies,
funny faces and laughing 
until tears roll out of my eyes.

If only ….

I could simply celebrate each day,
and hold my sadness at bay.

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