Celebration Of Life: Nivedita Dinkar

Nivedita Dinkar
1. Let me go astray ...

listen to those unheard hearts ...
illuminate the darkest route ...
hear the most tragic story ...
be the combatants of the Strugglers ...

eat the ''Forbidden'' fruit once again ...

Let me go astray ...

Let me
bridge the roughest river ...
air those events which are sinking inside the earth to breathe ...
read the lonely Poems gone unnoticed ...
mother the frightened child

drink the ''Dushasan'' blood once again ...

Let me go astray ...

I want to go astray ...

2. My Religion

Living in passion
Staying with enthusiasm…
Believing heartbeats
Empowering sleep…
Imagining a beautiful frozen lake
Thinking as a morning achievement…
Exploring benefits of Black Coffee
Dance Like nobody’s watching…

My way … 
My life …

3. Green Tea

As you sip
With your soft wet lips...
The Green Tea
With a fresh squeeze of lemon
A few drops of stevia
Over Ice- viola!!

I imagined myself
To be a crystal clear ice
Through your lips.

I felt the warmth 
Of your lips
My Soul
Unifying one.

4. Whispering Life

Whenever I walk through 
The grass of  Life….
My feet feel the calmness
The smoothness
And a joy within the heart 
Not to tear apart!

Whenever I fly away
The clouds of ambition
Teaches the softness
Of frozen crystals
Brings the light of Life 
And colors inside!

Whenever I dance ceremony
The rhythm of desire 
Moves with emotions
And expressions
Keeps the spirit inside
Intact and precise!  

Whenever I smile to melt
The pleasure of satisfaction
Conquers the gloominess
Brightens all around
Leaves a ray
Of soothness they say!

Whenever I touch the soul
Illuminates the galaxy
Lifts the energy
Of strength
Raising a new dawn
Which Life has shown! 

5. The Complexion

Why so much hype?
Why so much hush hush?

In this unfair world...
Why is fair beautiful and not Dark?
Why fairness is a benchmark for beauty?
Why our society is obsessed with 'white skin'?


Draupadi, Satyavati, Kali
The Rama, The Shiva, the blue skinned...
The Krishna, the shyam rang...
The Lord Jagannath Puri,
Who is vibrantly black...

Can ever be repainted in Modern India?

It is possible
And not impossible
If the inner darkness is cast out!!

Bio: Nivedita Dinkar
Qualification: M. Phil Sociology, PGDBM Marketing, MA English Literature
Profession: Sociologist 
Passion: Writer| Poet | Photographer| Landscaping 
Books Published: 
1. Itra Tumhari Shirt kaa, इत्र तुम्हारी शर्ट का Hindi Anthology, World Book Fair, 2019
2. Eight (8) Hindi and Two (2) English group Poetry Collections.
3. Poems published in Amar Ujala, Aadhunik Saahitya, Shodh Disha, Sarthak, Atoot Bandhan, Kathanak, Woman's Era, Asian Signature, Raedomania, Kavya, Turn Slow and many other reputed Hindi and English publications and blogs.
1. Assessment of Parking Facility at Daruk, Vrindavan for Uttar Pradesh Pro-Poor Tourism Development Project for India, World Bank Projects. 
2. Screening of Rehabilitation of Banke Bihari Temple Area, Vrindavan for Uttar Pradesh Pro-Poor Tourism Development Project for India, World Bank Projects. 
3. Instrumental in making 340 Toilets at Kachhpura Village Uttar Pradesh Pro-Poor Tourism Development Project for India, World Bank Projects 
4. University Topper MPhil, Sociology, Dr BR Ambedkar University, Agra.
5. Selected as Mic Artiste by Neelesh Misra, Storyteller.
6. Swayam siddha Srijan Samman, Being Women ‘Falak 2017’, Kavi Kumbh Parivar
7. Best Poet Award, 2015, Aagaman Literary and Cultural Group.
8. Live Telecast of Kavya Path in Lok Sabha TV
9. Programmes broadcasted in AIR
10. Cultural Events Organised/executed at National level of more than Fifty’s.
11. Winner of Zonal level Badminton Championship.
Email: nivedita@wateronline.co.in


  1. आप बहुत विदुषी है निवेदिता जी आपकी लेखनशीलता को नमन अंग्रेज़ी और हिंदी दोनो में ही आपका कृतित्व और भावपक्ष कमाल का है खूब सूरत रचनाओ के लिए खूब बधाई आपको💐👌🕉️🙏👏

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Poonam


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