L.B. Sedlacek (Western Voices 2022)

Bio: LB Sedlacek has had poems and stories published in a variety of journals and zines.
Some of her poetry books are "Swim" (Alien Buddha Press), "I'm No ROBOT" (Cyberwit), 
"Happy Little Clouds" (Guerilla Genesis Press), "Simultaneous Submissions" (Cyberwit), and 
"Words and Bones" (Finishing Line Press).  Her first short story collection, "Four Thieves
of Vinegar & Other Short Stories" came out on Leap Day 2020 from Alien Buddha Press.  She 
also served as a Poetry Editor for "ESC! Magazine" and published the free resource for 
poets, "The Poetry Market Ezine," from 2001-2020.  In her free time, LB likes to swim, 
read and attempt to play the ukulele.

Words are not bound
with ferrules, metal rings
metal caps placed at
the end of sentences
the end of paragraphs
the end of verses
words do not need
strengthening, joining, binding, fitting
before putting them away
implementing, wear, evolving, influencing
simple ubiquitous great versatility
tubes, pipes, handles, rings
simple metal bands used
to prevent breakage, splitting
pencils bound to erasers
bristles bound to paintbrushes
caps bound to canes
knobs bound to umbrellas
double-check that you are
entirely free of words.

Alternate Species

The coveted
bow for the
musical instrument
comes from the wood
of the pernambuco
tree (caesalpinia
the official tree
of Brazil
an endangered
carrier of
nuanced sound
in decades
littered with
disco balls
bell bottoms and
the 8 Track
tape which
some may still
have in their attics
or basements
if they crawl through
the cobwebs and
dig deep enough
through the boxes
that weren’t lost
the day the
moving truck arrived.

In Balance
The next thing
you have to
think about is
afterwards and ongoing
how easy will
it be to
hide, how easy
will it be
to keep boxes
unchecked, faces from
touching and what
if it’s found
out?, the secret
exposed the familiar
places filled with
strangers and stares
and those thoughts
of what it’s
like to lose

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