Snigdha Agrawal

celebrates life
with the click of a mouse
musical notes
plays on the keyboard
stringing words
of life and love
fingers tap dancing
pouring thoughts
no holds barred
   creating imageries
   all year round
   soul-stirring poetry
   caramelized inside

reading aloud
Sonnet eighteen
of Shakespeare
interpretation from
old age perspective
spirit of love
chair-bound, sibylline
drinking last dregs
from the chipped cup
   celebrating love
   completely hooked
   to the accompaniment
   of Bhoopali raag

POETRY (Pleiades poem)

polaroid images in the mind
painstakingly described
picking up wavelengths
perfected with the infusion of rhymes
paeans of praise
celebrating life
through poetry medium

Prison time (Free verse)

Alienated from the rest of the world
Wrongfully Imprisoned for no crime
Served death sentence, biding his time
Wrote on the walls poetry that came to mind
Couplets, cinquains, tercets, villanelles, sonnets
Each and everyone, celebrating light
in a darkened cell
proclaiming his innocence
A large body of work left behind
Scribbles on the walls
Before the next occupant arrived

"Do you have any last wish before you die?" Jailor asked
"Readout my poems to open their eyes" he sighed.

Street Smart (Limerick)

There was once a lady dressed in white
Hair neatly swiped into a bun tight
Wrote poetry sometimes
Most often without rhymes
Broke a limb in a campaign fierce fight

Magical Powers (Tercets-10 syllables)

Read poetry when besieged with tiredness
Fly on the wings of imagination
Landing on the runaway of the Lake Poets

When feeling defeated take no revenge
Read Maya Angelou's inspiring poems
"Still I'll rise" empowered with her ink quill

And when all else fails to cheer your spirits
Read Rabindranath Tagore's Gitabitan
Betwixt its pages you'll find songs of love

Poetry thus has magical powers
Heals, seals, cracks, and cuts through the choice of words
Outlive you and me, new forms will take birth

Bio: Snigdha Agrawal is a poet by heart, still learning the art.  A late bloomer, she writes all genres of poetry, prose, and short stories. She is a published author and writes under the pen name puchka on Tripadvisor and Miraquill.  Her travelogues can be accessed on her WordPress blog randomramblings52.wordpress.com.

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