The art of Poetry: Brindha Vinodh

Brindha Vinodh
I pour into her-
she pours into me.
we flow
a river
carrying the soul
kissed by the sun 
the moon 
the stars ️ ️
and the eternal sky
playing the
of the birds 
with the
flavors of the seasons.

as and
when weeds wade
only to masquerade
those clotted scars
as scarlet roses  
to retain that
fragrant fervor.

Smoothly flowing, still,
until those turbulent waves
of a powerful
tsunami take over
to merge and converge
with that one perennial ocean-
a mahasangamam of several souls.

Footnote: mahasangamam- The convergence of all things into one

Bio: Brindha Vinodh is a poet, writer, blogger and a former copyeditor. She has contributed to several anthologies and been published on several international magazines, e-zines and journals. She has recently released her debut poetry book titled “Autumn in America & other poems” through Setu publications, Pittsburgh, USA.

Her recent achievements include commendable mentions in two categories, “Poet of the year” and “critic of the year” for 2021 in Destiny Poets’ International community of Poets (ICOP) Wakefield, UK.  Born and brought up in Chennai, India, she currently resides in the United States of America with her husband and two daughters. Incidentally, she also holds a masters’ degree in Econometrics from the University of Madras.

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