Ms Das and Mr Smith: Meghna Kaul

Meghna Kaul
Mr Smith adjusted his tie
Standing at the gate of Ms Das
Who opened the door to his call bell’s reply
The waft of aromatic bhaat his nostrils pass 
Her shining black hair flew with the waves of Rabindra sangeet
Ms Das stretched her slender  hand to meet his greet

Seated, he found himself staring at a portrait of Tagore
With smiling eyes Ms Das offered him gondhoraj julep
The icy drink took away the heat in a gulp
It was sweet and salty like the smile  her beautiful face wore
He met her in a concert so beautiful was she
When she invited her for dinner, he accepted with glee

She smiled and slipped to rannaghar
The spluttering and sizzling of the five spices was scintillating in air
Mr Smith soaked in the smell,
sailed further
Ms Das was marinating the rohu with such care
Her slender fingers caressed the fish
She caught him there by the clang of a dish

Born and brought, he soaked in the smell of land
Sweet music to his ears were tinkling of the bangles in her hand
The saree she wore all white bordered with red
Led his heart to regions untread
Her kajaled eyes had unfathomed depth 
As billowing clouds of asad full  length

Dining in the room, he beheld the patachitra on the wall
What an artist, a reminder small
The dinner on the table was such a treat
The smell, the sight, all the sensation meet
The succulent rohu melted in his mouth
Chholar dal, slightly sweet and spicy spread its hue all about

With such love and care the maiden laid the table
Her beauty and manner made her more amiable
Taking his eyes off with some efforts
With kosha  Mangsho, he made his rapport
The cinnamen, the clove, the onion and garlic in tangent
The aroma and sweetness of mutton  was so pleasant

The luchi with golden glow
made majestic the whole show
mishti doi sweet and saccharine
made a match with maiden’s smile so win-win
the home and hearth and a warm host
what mad fancy his heart hold

holding the flow of flight of fancy
he caught Ms Das offering him 
sandesh, oh! Could she see?
Ah! The beautiful day was over
But it had him to Ms Das a little closer
She came to door to see him off
Her eyes made promises soft

He left for home thought of her galore
The dinner and the diva were in his mind for sure
He looked forward to more evening like this
Why he fell for her? the time with her was bliss
A chuckle escaped him, he smiled with glee
Of course his mother was also a Bangla taruni.

Bio: Meghna is a teacher by profession , loves to read and write. She composes poems and writes short stories. She loves to write on nature and celebrates simplicity of life. She has written reports and articles for TOI. She is currently residing in Lucknow.

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  1. What a traditional unique style of writing . handled the subject so delicately and daintly . awesome work


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