Vadapav and Mumbai Rains: Pravin B

Vadapav, Rains, and Mumbai always go together. Out of all the variety of street snacks available across Maharashtra. Vadapav is such a darling of all the masses. A very fluffy pav which is stuffed with spicy-potato-filled stuffing and served with different kinds of Tamarind, garlicky, and coriander chutneys.  

I can say it is a Burger representing Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India overall. 
The burger which no international big chains could master.

Vadapav seems to be an emotion- a sense of happiness with that one bite which you take especially on a rainy evening, when you return from your tired yet inspiring train journey.  Or are about to start your journey.

Be it mountains, rains, summers, or even when you are down from a runny nose.  Vadapav is always a pleasure to eat.

I take pride in cooking and serving.  I also run a cloud kitchen. I want to thank my parents for supporting me in that.  But apart from it, I love cooking.

After a busy 12-hour schedule, if I am sleeping and my phone buzzes with that ring of a new order. I immediately get up and start helping my mother and we together serve good flavours to the people.

I am amazed how I received positive feedback over the past pandemic year and how I am working hard to grow this into a big restaurant with the blessings of my elders.

I would like to thank Setu Team for giving me this wonderful opportunity to contribute to such a famous journal. Looking forward to more.

Bio: Pravin Baisane: A proud Book Seller, reader, and owner of a Cloud Kitchen. Pravin works as a Manager at a popular bookstore at the Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai, India. He has a passion for reading books, singing songs, gymming, cooking, and serving.

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