Poetry: Huguette Bertrand

Huguette Bertrand 

On the blackboard of the daily life
words are aligned in positions
to cause multiples shivers

out of shadows
beauty emerges
blessing the soul of the present

when sounds are well aligned
it feels good
when the words are mobilised
it creates bridges
for the crossing of the day
leading to joyful terraces
on the tormented Earth never discouraged
in front of a plate of french fries and mussels


A policy
an illusion
frightening wars
and those women fleeing
from extended grey hours

they walk in silence
between rumors and sleeping bodies
and carry within a strange happiness
that only their memory can sustain

in the shelter of their secret thoughts
they dream of a rebirth surrounded
by the power of tenderness
for the harvest of love


The silence has swallowed the noises
and left a few words
that the children have picked up
to make their future out of it
because the wounded past
does not belong to them

let them laugh 
let them dance
to the rhythm of the sounds
in the veins of their present
and let old days run away
past midnight
while the clock is knitting words
for their happy new days 


you have to dig deep into the night
to bring out the colours of the next day

down to the bottom
to reconcile the images
of the peoples outside
and the time to shared 
with others around

those regular forms of existence
gathered in secret
to receive the visit of tomorrow
nothing but tomorrow 
without a shadow 
between you and me

Bio: Huguette Bertrand is an international French-Canadian poet and editor born and living in Canada. She has been writing and editing French poetry for 39 years and has published 39 poetry books. Since 2014 her poems were also published in many international journals and anthologies and translated in multi. Participations to poetry readings, book shows, art exhibitions of her poetry paired with artworks in Canada, France and Norway, gave poetry workshops in Canada and France. She is the Canadian representative of the international movement IMMAGINE & POESIA (Italy) and co-editor of digital yearly anthologies for this said movement since 2014.

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