Molly Joseph (Colours of Love and Barriers)

Molly Joseph
Dr. Molly Joseph is a Professor, Poet (Bilingual Writer) from Kerala India who   had her Doctorate on Post War American Poetry.   She has published fifteen books, 12 Books of poems, a Novel and a Story book for Children. Widely anthologized, she has won several accolades (National, International) which include, Wordsmith Award 2019, India Women Achiever’s Award (2020 India) and the Yan’an OutStanding Poet Award (2021 China). She believes in the power of the word and writes boldly on matters that deal with the contemporary. 
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Love perennial
What divine intricate feel
is this, love!
the tiny gossamer thread that straddles
between minds, 
the waxing waning moon between the clouds
but leaving a soothing radiance behind...
on its heels how sizzling it turns, the mind 
the fresh water eel...
dazzling, weaving out magic...
how moments glimmer in fun and zest for life
Why block its smooth flow
stacking boulders on its way
let it transcend manmade walls
of race, caste and gender
let it render a free space for all...
sometimes starting with a clinging note
of possessive riveting, hijacking space and time,
how fast a bonding grows into bondage
of emotional, psychic hassle...
when expectations galore
become encrustations
sure, it is crushed within 
to taper out its glow and to grow into
a wild desperate cry...
better allow love to mature itself within,’
 by "let go" allowing the freedom for it
to float over, encumbered by 'me' and mine,'
sure, it will turn back to its tethers, uninhibited,
forget the hurts love offered on its flow
let the absorbing contours of your sensibility
soak them in...
let there waft in the self-effacing content
of the autumn leaf at peace with itself
having given away her very best, her youth,
her green, her fresh air,
now to merge with the soil nourishing it
to melt itself into thin air, erasing itself
as the presence that pervades the perennial...

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