George Miller (Freedom 2022)

George Miller
Race To Nowhere

I’m running down the trail
Like the train bound for nowhere
Blowing off some steam
Burning stress like coal
Runner’s High, my engineer
Opens up the throttle
We kick it up a notch
To hell with growing old
So, I’m on the trail to nowhere
And I keep my legs a’turning
Racing Sister Death
To that rendezvous of old
But something deep inside
Whispers stop your fooling
You can’t move the needle
From that point when you grow cold
At last, now here at nowhere
It’s beyond all explanation
Sitting down with Sister
For a lovely pot of tea
Inform my folks back home
I found that liberation
Where I can run and not grow weary
For all eternity

Seasons of the Eno River
If I must pass the years away from homeland
Far from hearth and kin that I hold dear
Then let me spend my days along the Eno
And hike her laureled trails throughout the year

Springtime erupts in steps along the Eno
Daffodils and Dogwoods frame the scene
Sycamores and Birch present their foliage
Nature’s gray gives way to nature’s green

Summer’s heat finds relief along the Eno
Hikers take their joy in all the shade
Runners there embrace the morning hours
Walkers bask in sheltered promenade

The colors autumn brings along the Eno
Yellow leaves compete along the trail
Misty morning’s cobwebs paint a picture
Chilly evening moonshine tells the tale

Things die out in winter along the Eno
Cold and damp and dank don’t spoil the view
Trails can still be run when they aren’t icy
And we know that spring is coming soon

Comfort in the Shade
I find comfort in the shade
In those days of late July
When the summer air is thick
And the sun begins its climb
I find respite in a run
And it’s okay to be alone
Sweep the mind of cluttered thoughts
Find a lyric to a song
I find solace in a trail
Running dark beneath the trees
Where the air is fresh as dew
With the smell of dampened leaves
I find welcome in the rain
There’s no bother getting wet
It’s the other side of sunshine
Part of nature’s alphabet

Bio: George resides with his wife, Cindi, in Hillsborough, North Carolina, where he manages an in-home senior care business serving the local area. He grew up in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, attended Clemson University, and served
eleven years of active duty with the United States Air Force. From 1996 until
2021, he earned his living by sales in the IT technology and cybersecurity markets.
In 2022, he and his wife founded One You Love Homecare of Chapel Hill. George
loves to write poetry and fiction as a hobby. His novella, Miss Hackney, is
available on Amazon in paperback and eBook formats.

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