Pallavi Baruah (Freedom 2022)

Pallavi Baruah
My Purple Heart
holding on to my bruised,
battered and bent out of shape
pulsing purple heart,
never deflecting, always facing
with clarity and freedom
of already having donned
apposite outcome of
choices awaiting me,
every breath, a silent promise
to rise, reshape, restart
my still wild purple heart

The Gift of Freedom

between the howl of yesterday
and the silence of today
I stand fearless beneath
paralyzed and perplexed skies
imbued with pulsing life of
your divine essence throbbing in me
bestowing me with the gift of freedom
from forever wanting, wailing, wandering
leading me to rest gently,
in the lyrical climes of this
solivagant soul’s encapsulation
Let it...

let it take you there
let your uncharted guide you to treasures of you
let your untamed lead you to unlimited courage
let your fear push you to conquer your unlimited
let your wonder guide you to breathtaking expanses
let your thoughts be colored by the chromatic hues of nature
let your faith in yourself be indivisible
let your freedom learn to be free
let it take you there

Freedom at Rock Bottom

that moment when I hit rock bottom,
mauled by futile nothingness
listening keenly for the susurration of hope
I found starlight ripples of freedom,
I transformed, from without to within
unfurling unturned shades of choices,
language of awareness and acceptance,
to being, to know myself, to walk my talk,
being comfortable to 'be different and be damned'

My words

my words murmur in the lair
welcoming the whisper of dawn
longing for the gift of liquid freedom
to pluck and tuck from fragments of buried memories
before it becomes lost to echoes of forever
trickling into poetic waterfalls
unperturbed by any flip of the spin,
if nothing, words are what will
always remain of me, waiting in the lair

Bio: Pallavi is an incidental poet and a writer who loves to write just for the love of
writing and expressing life around and about her.

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