Fiction: The Fools

Anurag Sharma

- Anurag Sharma

What a beautiful evening. Raja and Ruma are having tea together at the balcony. It's been a  month since this happy couple got married. Unlike many Indian marriages today, theirs was  an arranged one. They are highly educated individuals, maintaining pace with modern lifestyle.
Curious about her own arranged marriage, Ruma whispered, "What would have happened if you had not seen me at Rina's wedding?

Nothing! What if you had not spoken to Didi*? I'd have not known a thing."

"A thing? what thing?"

"Everything that you told Didi."

"I didn't tell anything to Didi. I just asked if she had refreshments. And, then she started talking to me.    

"What all did she talk? What did you tell her about me?"

"About you? Nothing. I didn't even know you. She indeed told me a lot about you."

"Come on, don’t be shy. I know everything. Didi told me every word of what you told her about me." 

"Really? Now, I'm curious. What all did she say?

"Everything you said about me. The boy who came with you ... the one with big expressive eyes, beautiful nose, just like a Roman god ... He's so graceful, unlike those arrogant boys of this city ..."

"What? I didn’t say anything like that. This is what Didi told you?"

"Yes, she didn't hide a word. Told me entire conversation."

"Very funny. I didn't say any of this. Although I thought almost exactly what she said. But honestly, I didn't utter a word about you before her."

"Does that mean ... you didn't say that I'd have beaten Amitabh Bachchan had I added an inch? And that, I was more impressive than most film stars of today?"

"O my God! Didi is such a liar."

"Got it. She is naughty. But I still can't believe that she played such a trick."

"Wait a minute…. Does that mean you also didn't say anything about me to her?"
"Me? I never say anything. And ... after seeing you, I was mesmerized anyway."

"What? Does that mean… Didi fooled both of us?"

"I'm glad she did so."

"Me too."

"I am proud of my mind reader Didi." 

They laughed together. 

*Didi = Elder sister

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