The Telugu Tableau Through Translation – 3

Presenter’s Preface: Atreya Sarma U

U Atreya Sarma

SETU means bridge, and the feature ‘The Telugu Tableau Through Translation’ is a bridge opening a window on the richness of Telugu literature to the English-savvy, non-Telugu readership across the globe. This is the third in the series, the first one having appeared in the May 2021 issue, and the second one in the July 2022 issue.

The feature in the current number presents sparks of poetry that is reflective, and the poets are Giridhar Ravula, a senior police officer with a rational, critical and philosophical flair; and Mohammad Khan, a retired government official, a prolific Telugu poet. The works of both of them lay an emphasis on inter-personal, human and ethical values.

Tripuraneni Ramaswamy (1887-1943), who did the Barrister-at-law course in England, was a patriot, rationalist and social reformer, besides being an impactful legend in the field of Telugu literature & culture. His son Tripuraneni Gopichand (1910-1962) too was an illustrious literary figure in Telugu whose psychoanalytical novel Asamarthuni Jeeva Yatra (An Incompetent’s Life Journey) won him the Sahitya Akademi award (1963).  A keen and open-minded intellectual, he gradually gravitated from radical humanism to spiritualism. ‘Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime,’ says HW Longfellow. And it’s good that the life and work of many such greats is on record. And we present you in the feature, an appetizing writeup on him by his daughter Rajani Katragadda.

Shahnaz Begum is a highly competent and reputed Telugu writer, and the story by her captures the delicate hardships an old parent undergoes, making us sit up and be introspective and empathic.

Then there is the award-winning young writer, Dr Siri, a dentist by qualification; and by volition, a prolific writer with a touch of human service. Her area of specialty is children’s literature. Go through the conversation this editor has with her for a peep into her mind and heart as well as a sample story by her. For an earlier story by her, visit the ‘Telugu Tableau’ in the July 2022 issue.

I thank all the writers featured in this section for the opportunity of reading their work and rendering it into English.

Happy reading! See you with some more facets in the next instalment.


  1. It is really a commendable effort in bringing out the famed telugu writers


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