U Atreya Sarma

Poet, Freelance Editor-Writer-Translator
1. Chief Editor, Muse India the literary ejournal. http://museindia.com/team.asp
   [Also Editor for Fiction & Reviews; News & Events) & Contributing Editor (Telugu Literature)]
2. Official Critic, Metverse Muse
3. My Modest OEUVRE (More than 700 poems, articles, reviews):
A. As Author: Sunny Rain-n-Snow (2016), Poetry Collection
B. As Translator:
      (i) Salt of the Earth (2013)
     (ii) Thousand Hoods (Ch 9-14) (2015)
C. As Collaborator: Marapuraani Maanikyaalu (2010)
D. As © Editor:
        (i) Lung Care and Long Life (2012)
       (ii) Memoirs & Musings of an IAS Officer (2013)
      (iii) Turquoise Tulips (2015)
      (iv) Prolegomena and Transformative Articles on Literary Translation (2015)
       (v) Femininity: Poetic Endeavours (2016)
      (vi) Gian Singh Shatir (In the pipeline)
E. Presenter of Poems for: The Hans India daily (Sunday section) since 2013
F. Founding Editor, Cyberhood Weekly (2008-2009)
G. Former Managing Editor, Bharatiya Pragna (Quarterly/Monthly) (for about 10 years, during 1997-2011)

U Atreya Sarma, 30-265-24/405, SS Manasa Priya Apts, St No.3, 1st Cross, Geetha Nagar Colony, Old Safilguda, HYDERABAD - 500 056. Mob: 9000106464

U Atreya Sarma, CC 502, Shriram Smrithi Apts, Bidaraguppe PO, Sarjapura-Attibele Road, BENGALURU - 562 107. Mob. 9000106464