Claudia Piccinno (Italy)

Claudia Piccinno

Dr. Claudia Piccinno (Italy)


Claudia Piccinno is a teacher, poet and translator, she lives and teaches in the north of Italy.  Operating in more than 100 anthologies, she’s member of the jury in many national and international literary prizes. She has been the Continental Director for Europe in the World Festival Poetry from April 2019 to september 2021, she represents Istanbul culture in Italy as Ambassador of Ist Sanat Art Association. She has published 41 poetry books, among her own poetry collections and other poets' translations into Italian language.

She was conferred with the most prestigious award “Stele of Rosetta” in Istanbul in 2016, the Literary Awards Naji Naaman Prize 2018, “World icon for peace” for Wip in Ondo city, Nigeria, in April 2017; Global Icon Award 2020 for Writers Capital International Foundation, The light of Galata, Turkey 2021, Sahitto International Jury Award, Bangladesh 2021,Aco Karamanov festival in Radovish,Macedonia,2021.

She gained almost 250 prizes in Italy for poetry and cultural merits. Her poem "In Blue" is played on a majolica stele posted on the seafront in Santa Caterina di Nardo (Le). She is European editor for the international literary magazine Papirus in Turkey and for Atunis Magazine international.

 She is responsible for poetry in the Italian magazine called Gazzetta of Istanbul, printed in Turkey by the Italian community. She writes for e-magazine and literature newspapers such as Menabò, Verbumpress, Il Porticciolo.

Her website is


1-     In the alphanumeric code


You didn’t know you were

in the alphanumeric code

of my every access.

Dates, anniversaries, memories

difficult to decipher.

How anonymous is your face

behind a screen.

Quiet is the glitter

of the look.

Extinguished is my smile

of circumstance.

I receive every day

love letters

poems that swell

the book of flatterers.

I read them without surprise,

I catalog them in a protocol

which looks like a reptile house.

I prepare myself for silence.

My mind is looking for coolness

of an Augustan night and

everything else is noise.



2-     The art of subtracting


I’m learning the art of substracting

For a long time I have put in place forgetfulness,

I slavishly ignore names and surnames,

I mix the dates, I take out square roots

that decrease pain.

I wonder how many brackets I will have to solve

before finding the specific gravity of that boulder

that obstructs lightness to my heart.

I rely on automatisms and inertia

every time I lose my words,

I try to prove a statement

without memorized formulas,

I am reminded of the theory of variables

and I persist in looking for the x

lightening the constants

that will never equal the give and take.


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