Three Poems: Sanjukta Dasgupta

Sanjukta Dasgupta

Home is where the heart is
As I dig in the alien soil
And plant my roots deep down
The surprised soil stirs and asks
Whether my roots can cling deep
As much as it had done
 In the now far away home
Uprooting and re-rooting
Of eager roots 

Home is where the heart is
The river breeze of the Thames 
Mingles with the breeze of the Ganges
Singing a dulcet duet 
Of finding a home everywhere
Monsoon music recedes 
As alluring Fall colours enchant

Among palm trees and pine trees
Among daffodils and the water lilies
Among strawberries and mangoes
Among the twinkling stars
Among the meadows, castles and lakes
Among the busy streets
The snowy mountains
The surging seas encircling
Many homes and the many worlds
In the one universe.  


Now the departure lounge
Is so overcrowded
The exit gate stands firm
None can re-arrive and enter

Every day
Every night
Every morning
Every evening
Someone departs
A loved one
An unknown one
Many old 
Some young 
Departure at this gate
The only constant. 

Looking ahead
The void rises 
The weary boat
Plunges deep
Into the arms 
Of the waiting sea
Never to turn 
Or return. 


It’s all about falling 
Falling down 
 Falling snow 
In falling hair
 Falling teeth
Like the

It is all about failing
Failing memory
Failing vision
Failing to hear
Failing to express 

It is all about drying 
No tears in eyes
Till medicinal teardrops 
Are squeezed into dry eyes
The smooth skin  a crisscross maze
Like fine embroidery spreading finely
From forehead to a face that could not 
Launch a single ship 

The skin droops from the flesh and joints
Like an oversized overcoat 
The wobbly arms like marshmallows
Have a lively quiver of their own 
The swan throat a tortoise neck now
 Countless rings of recorded time 

The dimmed blurred eyes
The unsteady feet
Hearing aid in ancient ears
Fumbling and stumbling towards
The eager and excited exit door 
That opens like the loving embrace
Of gentle maternal arms
Lulls into everlasting rest 
The tired old one
After a roller coaster career graph
Of spasmodic hurdles and elusive joy

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