Three Poems by R P Singh

R. P. Singh
And so wafts a theme

And so wafts a  theme
in mud sometimes, 
and across the clouds so.
So springs a thought 
in winter, spring and snow.

Saw letters taking shape 
when seldom any escape; 
in midnights, at dawns, 
bright daybreak, and yes 
over the yawning afternoons.

Letters move so fast, 
smiling, winking lot, 
letters resist to move, 
stuck in whacky groove.
Letters in efforts, letters stuck.

Letters turn the shape...
Yes, for themes there 
effortlessly no escape.
Themes smile, get agile,
letters mark their wand.

And so wafts a theme;
In thoughts of land 
in thoughts of barn, 
in thoughts of traps
how thoughts see yarns! 

So wafts a theme;
in muddy streets;
dreams that bring
for a fairy retreat -
so soulful life's treat! 

Letters whisper so often 
in the maker's ears,
and they pinch, if out of gear.
Letters charge the self, 
letters, and control.

And so wafts the  themes, 
Life goes on...

Million hunches for a dream

Million hunches for a dream
I so often plan, 
though in thought it entails 
just a shaky yarn!

No responses float ever, 
yes quite  eager shows want, 
And  menacing affluence 
when a drop in want.

I sang for supper, waited there, 
Many yearnings loom a far,
as dragon flies they approach,
YET not a single water drop.

Bird awake

Bird awake the long night through,
no injustice they ever thought, 
who knows owl's petty eyeballs 
shrieking through the petals of dark.

Birds in quivering flake to see 
thoughts so freaking and umpteen
some vermin come, flies come 
offering a rally for a relook, to see.

Ghostly vermin sings a song, 
so many plundering to entail,
flies in new shapes appear 
hoodwink owl's image to clear.


  1. বাহ্যিক সৌন্দর্য আকর্ষণ করে তবে অভ্যন্তরীণ সৌন্দর্য মনমুগ্ধ করে। বিশেষ করে যেখানে লিখেছেন,
    অক্ষর আকার ধারণ করছে
    যখন কনোভাবে পালাতে পারে না
    মধ্যরাতে, ভোরে,
    উজ্জ্বল প্রভাত, এবং হ্যাঁ
    ঝাঁঝালো বিকেলের ওপরে।"

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