Of love, overcoming odds… and poetry

Sunil Sharma
There is always something left to love.
 Gabriel García Márquez

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead.
– Oscar Wilde

Welcome back!
The February issue of Setu combines two special sections.

There was an open invitation to respond to the complex theme: "Love in the Time of Plague", kind of engagement with love and its enduring value, more so in the times of pandemics.

A call for writers to fall in love with Love, the most beautiful of emotions; a feeling, mood, idea that uplifts, makes God’s creation transcend the odds, even rise above the plagues on the basis of its sheer strength and transformative power.

It serves as an antidote to stress, hatred and pessimism. And makes the world a beautiful place to live.
The call was to document this pull of love.
This magnetic appeal!
The writers selected here did that skillfully by creating odes to love, the sovereign.

You, too, will fall in love with these creative explorations of a sublime emotion that fuels humans and animals and birds alike, with its unlimited energies.
It never goes out of stock!
Out of fashion.
Even deadliest plagues cannot defeat it. 

Second section is the annual anthology of English poetry that has come to be recognised for its wide range and experimentation, in the world of fine poetry.

In its fifth edition now, guest-edited by the acclaimed poet Scott Thomas Outlar, the collection of these Western Voices showcases poets that are admired for their singular dedication to craft, vision and voice; each one, a unique signature with regular fan following; carefully chosen by the most prolific artist, Scott Thomas Outlar, a significant voice, in an overcrowded space; a globally-respected poet with high command over the medium and mode… and literary form.

Talking of his experience of curating these voices and placing it in a general context, the highly-visible Scott writes in a lyrical, stream-of-consciousness-style, guest editorial, on a slightly personalized note: “I am at peace, and I am in love."

Typically, Scott!
A testament to life!
Of finding meaning.
A personal anthem as much his---as of others in similar journeys!

That sums up the broad theme of living also.
Mundane becoming marvellous!
Life--- magical!

What a better way to sign off!

Please enjoy this bumper issue with the standard rich fare!
Regular features there---and more.

Among other notables, the trilingual poetry by Rameshwer Singh, a top surgeon, photographer, singer and above all, a humanist and healer.

Thanks to Scott Thomas Outlar and all the featured writers for the continued support to the journal.

We keep on serving our esteemed readers month after month through the bilingual journal.

Do write in, please!

Your encouragement means a lot. Without loving patrons, it is incomplete, any journal.
Already Setu has registered 3,401,701 page-views!
All because of writers and readers alike!

Take care!
Love life!

Sunil Sharma

Editor, Setu (English)
Toronto, Canada

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