Beverly M. Collins (Western Voices 2023)

Bio: Beverly M. Collins is author of the books, Quiet Observations: Diary thought, Whimsy and Rhyme and Mud in Magic. Her poems and short stories have appeared in publications based in USA, England, Ireland, Australia, India, Berlin, Mauritius, and Canada both in print and online. Winner of a 2019 Naji Naaman Literary prize in Creativity (Lebanon). Collins, twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, is also a prize winner for the California State Poetry Society; was born in Delaware, raised in New Jersey and now lives in Southern California. (USA). Her photography can be found on Fine Art America products, Shutterstock, iStock/Getty images, Adobe Stock and more. Website:


Gypsy Tantrum

As sure as waiting words touched

by breath grows wings, the small

seed is a question mark armed with



Once seeds have opened,

new trees are among us with

design, thorns, flavors, all manner

of shapes and hues of bright green.


They boast splashes of ashy gray

that are called upward to a throne of

light, it creeps as soft leaves, curved

petals and cannot fit back into a pod.


Same as the humans that enjoy its

shade, the seeds claw toward sun

and victory with a cast iron will.


Like living bells that shimmies its

skirts and shifts from silence into



Beyond Faith



Many a heart aches as love goes to

war over the painful unexpected.

We wait in stranded boats for we

know everything has changed.


I have triumphed and failed quietly

like a shadow that craves the spotlight.


All is fair in love and war they say.

Rivers overflow their banks and

conquer the grounds near them.

What is proper flow in the stream of life?


When we carefully open mystery’s doors, will

we dissolve quickly and soothingly? Or will

center stage be the place where we vanish

under hot lights and whisper gone is gone.


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