Lady Mae Thunderbird (Western Voices 2023)

Bio: Lady Mae Thunderbird was born on a military installation in Georgia, and now lives and writes in the city of Frederick, Maryland. Her life is immersed in the healing arts as she has journeyed out of the Underworld of Disorder. When not writing, she is often connecting with nature or walking through the graveyards of the people that she used to be. She is an avid home herbalist and ceremonial practitioner. She is also a lifelong dancer and lover of moving energy, harnessing movement to transmute Suffering into Soul Essence. 

Breath of Homage

With the Sunrise I Am
awakening gratefully
within a deep heaviness

My lips smile 
the possibility
of a new day
into existence
a blessed way to begin 
already again

Slowly I unfold
into the morning 
commencing the holy
and disciplined practice
of sacred self-care
that this human vessel requires

I Am still learning
while already knowing 
how to shake off
the cobwebs of pain
that cocoon this body

The dawning within
opens up to a gentle dance
joining hands with the trees
to kiss the Moon goodnight

The time has come
to embrace the Sunrise
a rhythm as old as any 
Fairytale of Time

Now is the ordained answer
to the riddler’s quest
of building the momentum
of the moment
into a flow of movement

While in song
I AM preparing 
the Cosmic Elixir
Mother Earth has so graciously

The oils of coconuts swirl
upon my tongue
as the bitter aroma of chicory 
engulfs the room
barks, roots, and leaves 
infuse their Healing Love
into the berries 
rolling in a gentle boil

In the freshness
of the morning hours
I return to 
the Breath of Basic Goodness
emanating being into my 
and Soul
in unison with the community
of all that IS

Though I AM not often seen
I AM Here
in the silence
holding space on the perimeter
remotely transmitting 
an open signal
to all that can hear this 
Frequency of Now


There is a war
for my wild heart
yet no force worthy
to rob it from me,
the only true possession
of my humanity.

The cosmic treasure of
surrendering not
to this world willfully,
this is how I live,

Mirrors reflect the infinite love
of the universe
contained within me,
a galaxy of stars above
set brilliantly aflame.
Death will remember my name!

Leaving only dust when expired,
an undefined nebulous
to behold and admire,
supernova in the sky
subdues the queries of 
what happens when we die?

The crux is now so ever clear,
there is no darkness

The Trail of Liberation

I am my mother’s daughter,
Oh Moonchild!

In the shell of my spirit
I am protected
while blanketed in stars.

I dare the impossible
or so I’ve been told,
engineering the mundane

With an infinite heart
of a child
that believes in
the endless possibilities
of miracles.

Traveling the receding paths 
of each lineage lifeline,
I am clearing away the thorned overgrowth
of the origin heresy
that was born into forgetfulness.

Dictating that I must reside
in a fortress
of fear and dismay?!
Laboring for a lifetime
only to build walls of fortified stone.

I thought living as a Ghost of Fate,
clocking in,
clocking out,
was just….

Spending my blood,
acquiring the hypocrisy
upon which I fed.

Feasting on the famine
of drudgery and shame,
a forgotten banshee
perished and reawakened
copious amounts of times.

Groveling toward each breadcrumb
on hands and knees
while longing through the fog
for deliverance
on this Pilgrimage into Perdition.

My essence
dried and decayed,
into the Sea of Inanition.

Rising upon my return,
I denounce my seat
at the Table of Reticent Inheritance.

Proclaiming my change of name,
Oh Moonchild!
I am my mother’s daughter
and I am rugged enough
to blaze a new trail
of ancestral liberation.

Tears of Joy
bathe my cheeks
as I cry
for You,
for Them,
for Us.

With my wild heart
scrupulously guided
by strength of sensitivity,
I’ve been made indomitable
by the very illusion
that once enslaved me.

Oh Moonchild!
I am my mother’s daughter
and I have sorted through
the treasure chest of rubble,
reclaiming the jewels
that now radiate
from this sacred crown.

Rise with me,
oh mothers’ daughters,
I too hear your battle cry!
Let us take up the glorified arms
of Authentic Love!

We are,
You are,
I am,
Conscious Sovereignty.

I bow to you
on this hallowed ground below
whilst divinely guided
by the exegetical heavens above.

In the merriment of remembrance,
we meet again!
I am my mother’s daughter,
Oh Moonchild.

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