Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman
Dr. Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman is a lecturer, poet, translator and researcher. A recipient of several awards and honours, her excellent contribution in the field of literature was made into a documentary by The National Film Department of Malaysia and broadcast twice on TV1 in 2009 and 2012. In 2020 she was selected as Women of the Year by MWAW (Malaysian Women at Work). 


Embrace solitude in grace during crunch time
it develops a friendship and later a partner in name
to rise and shine on a stage called life.

Embrace solitude at the first hint of vacant time
it ignites a burning fire of desire to battle struggle 
and rise to the challenge in fulsome pride.

In solitude aspiration frame expression in colors
in solitude the pages of book spill secrets
in solitude fragrance of love is limitless
in solitude poetic lyrics blaze alive in words
in solitude humanity bridge the empty spaces
in solitude the world of ideas spread in degrees
in solitude grief triggers constructive messages

Solitude is a timeless treasure of the universe
that stands as a stark reminder to the human race
to observe life as a small part of puzzle 
and be open to change in a friendly gesture.

Solitude sings a different tune in the history of human existence 
at the push of a button rotates the axle of conscience 
from womb to tomb in this global gate.

Embrace solitude in grace to invite the divine
Choose to believe that solitude is a blessing in disguise.

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