Poetry: Binay Laha


The world is full of love 
Find it. 
The world is full of roses 
Touch it. 
The world is so beautiful 
Feel it. 

Scud every problem 
Or win it. 

Ignore the darkness 
Recount it. 

Pick the roses 
Give it to get more roses. 

To your heart there is a home. 
Just love it. 
Build a nest. 
And care it. 

The world is full of love. 
Must find it, in every second, in every moment gone.

They found him dead. 
Now I am chanting some mantras upon his body. 
I pour white siuli flowers and sprinkled some holy water upon his body. 

Senseless he was for half an hour.
All were hopeless. 
A poet was passing by and read some of his poems. 

The soul got her business back. 
It was the poem which was his soul. 

(Bio: Binay Laha hails from Raiganj in the Uttar Dinajpur District of West Bengal. He has authored few books in his credit. His notable books include 'Auction of my soul, 'The wife of red soil,' 'Bad boy good girl' etc. He is the editor of Indology Magazine, the oldest existing printed English literary magazine of West Bengal) 

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  1. Thank u Setu for publishing my poem. Thank u Sunil Sharma sir for the invitation.


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