Amit Shankar Saha (Climate Change, Eco-activism, Whisperings of Social Justice)

Amit Shankar Saha

Amit Shankar Saha is the author of three collections of poems titled Balconies of Time, Fugitive Words, and Illicit Poems. He has also published a collection of essays titled A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Essayist. He is the Editor-in-Chief of EKL Review. He has a PhD in English from Calcutta University and teaches at Seacom Skills University. His website is


Ecology of Love


We were born separated

by the measure of time and space

like a bioregion divided

by political boundaries.


We grew up as two countries

competing to increase

our carbon footprints

although our climate was one.


But fossil-fuelled love combusts

and become just carbon dust.

This burnt world is an infatuation,

it has not progressed underneath.


Love maybe as naked as nature

and as still as the trees.

You may not see it progress

Although its roots run deep.



Silence of the Sleet


What if the world attains dystopia

and we are the last beings alive?

You work on your singularity somewhere,

I on mine somewhere else,

trying to discover each other

over the remnants of ether,

like a blind man trying to see

something beautiful but too far to touch.


We communicate with our devices

that elude us from giving our locations,

we crisscross deserts of ice

and sail through the seas of sands

as time like drops drip from the clock

while we quest to someday meet,

fully knowing that we are the last beings alive

and the next is the silence of the sleet.



The World of Vestigial Organs


The ears of the sky

convalescent in thunder

can't hear your words.


The skin of inhibition

covering the rains

can't feel your touch.


The eyes of electric

coursing in the wind

can't see your face.


The nose of the night

chilling in the air

can't breathe your breath.


The tongue of the

corpulent footpath

can't taste your footsteps.


Love is a cyborg

in a world of organs

turning vestigial.

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