Achingliu Kamei (Towards Visibility)

Achingliu Kamei


Story, memory,
The periphery realm is a part of the whole
The very air no-name woman breathe
You breathe, threads lost in the wind
Came blowing by, searching for the lost fabric
Search for meaning, for validation
Rising under the same sun, and moon
No-name woman in that realm
Famously known for what she was not
A malleable sheep on all the dark realms’ altar
Sacrificed. Yet the no-name woman
Realised all her dark realms
Her discordant attributes, a tapestry of the concordant weaves
On all her curves and contours
Weaving new visions of what is possible.
No-name woman’s threads continue to flow and weave
Resonating, profound shift in perspective
No-name woman weaves what was
Silenced, objectified, and oppressed
Breaking barriers and breaking hierarchical models.


A short story writer, poet, and ultra-runner, Achingliu Kamei teaches literature at Delhi University, New Delhi. She has a Ph.D. from Jawaharlal University. She has published a collection of folktales, titled Naga Tales, Dawn (2017), Songs of Raengdailu, a book of poems (2021), Liangtuang Pu, Illustrated Novella for Children (2021), Headspace, The Mind’s Realm (2022), and Naga Tales Morning Blush (2023). Several of her poems have also been published in anthologies and journals from the USA, Canada, Singapore, and India, such as in the Setu Journal, Poetry Pea Journal of Haiku, and Senryu etc.

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