Dustin Pickering (Towards Visibility)

Dustin Pickering


for my aunt


Her eyes do not dim as oceans drown

forests of weeded fears, hollow charms rather unbloomed.

Molecules dance their poisonous gatherings, grabbing the crotch

of disease and dread—agony is a bitch with the crucifix

but GOD will be toward You, Hand of pure sentences.


She forever guards my body in the blackened door.

When grief frightens my locked teeth ajar,

She frees my mind from peril and pension.

Complete and kiss’d by solitary pleasure,

post-mortem sanctuary you visit:

one day we will all be in the hovering spaces






Then the face



what is it?


I am this ghost

of primrose


where beacons

          are sweetly



swollen and


          by sad


          what is it?

                             the face

                   in the door


          taller than death

                   the night

                                      will break





I burn your kisses

like midnight oil, o treachery,

and your guess is as good as mine—


The wonderment of Achilles,

his stolen archeries,

the mind of time devouring sight

from timid wrack & filth,

I will not love,

I will not hold,

no more.

your eyes,

in this behemoth

painted by death

                       o treachery

And Achilles ran with the fire

from my heart,

                   and Thief, o Dream!


you were never a beginning

nor an end

and the flame beseech the goldenrod


          your grace sees mercy,

          sees mercy for the silence is fickle…



Dustin Pickering is founder of Transcendent Zero Press. He has contributed writing to Huffington PostCafé Dissensus EverydayThe Statesman (India), Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, The Colorado Review, World Literature Today, and several other publications. He placed in the top 100 out of 12,500 entries for the erbacce prize in 2021 and was a finalist in Adelaide Literary Journal’s first short fiction contest. He was longlisted for the Rahim Karim World Prize in 2022 and given the honor of Knight of World Peace by the World Peace Institute that same year. He hosts the popular interview series World Inkers Network on YouTube. 

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