Gopa Bhattacharjee
Flight of solitude

I took a flight, I don't know why
over the hills and valleys.
To be with you in solitude
I am so exhausted and weary.

Hummingbirds sang songs for me
the hawk was vigilant too.
I knew I lost my peace of mind
I felt so gloomy and blue.

So I took the flight, I don't know why
over the seas and oceans.
Wind cleared the sky, clouds stood by
Seagulls flew.

"There is no such thing as far away "
This truth I already know.
You are my peace engraved within me
yet I feel so low.

So I took the flight, I don't know why
above the humans below. 


Ceaseless rains fall on your heart
like a rhythm creates a lullaby
my city, my whore, my beloved
serenity found in your abundance.
Chimes of the day, redolence of night
from tea stalls to coffee shops
pride of the Ganges, lovers Shangri-La.
Every minute seems to challenge,
existence of human rights.
How many poems did I compose?
How many letters did I write?
How many moments have I tried saying goodbye?
Every desolate minute I turned around,
you embraced me with open breasts
My city, my whore, my beloved
In you, only you, I found solace. 

Gopa Bhattacharjee is a bilingual poet and an entrepreneur,  a totally romantic poet who still loves the first shower of monsoons, eighty’s Hindi songs and maacher jhol bhaat (fish curry) cooked by her mother.
Her two poetry books “Unturned Verses” and “Thirty Birds” were inaugurated in Kolkata International Book Fair 2020 and 2022. She has been the featured poet in the much acclaimed Poetry film ‘Kolkata Cocktail’. National and International journals have published her verses. She has attended several poetry events all around the globe.

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