Luz María López 

Everything is possible
in the unreality
of space and time.

Souls thus seek 
their purest moment, 
they disprove the sabotages of destiny, 
the sorrows already written.

The essence of love is coexistence.

Without imposing silences, 
locks, fears, other words. 
It implies smiling. 
In spite of crying,
the finiteness of the instant. 

Reality is inside you, 
like the heart and the air 
that you breathe. 

The encounter. 
The kiss. 
The name of the dream 
that makes you sing.


Return all dreams
to Mother Earth.

Call back the birds
to their sacred dwelling,
let the magic emerge from
each flower that blooms in the air
for life can sing in the morning
as the sun arises to kiss
the soil that sprouts sustenance
and mirrors itself over the ocean.

Let all animals dwell on the land
unharmed by arrows
in soul’s harmony
for we are one with all creation
heirs of its wisdom and glory
all eternal mysteries
while love
spins vigorously
giving birth
to inner beauty!

Luz María López (Puerto Rico) is a bilingual author writing in Spanish and English.  She is a Poet, narrator, storyteller, editor, anthologist, translator, prologist, lecturer and international cultural promoter. She received the Kathak Literary Award, Dhaka, 2017 and Shaan-E-Adab Award, India; 2016.She has been invited to Poetry Festivals, Book Fairs, Expo-Colloquiums, Congresses in many countries. Her poetry is translated to more than 15 languages.  She has been featured in books of selected authors, literary magazines, quarterly journals, multiple anthologies and other types of publications. She is a traveler and loves to learn about diverse cultures.

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