Ketaki Mazumdar
Reaching out for peace

My call is tender and pleading, yet…
A fiery call for evolution and mending.
The fluid world is changing,
So why can’t peace replace warring?

Let’s amalgamate all discourses, analyse all arguments,
Communicate in communities and forums of literacy…
Delete rebelliousness, power struggles, politics and spare grief.
Let’s fragrance nature and bloom peace… 
Into the nerve centres of our consciousness.
Let’s take responsibility.

In this world of innovations
Let’s live harmoniously…
Move out of the box of war and hate,
Into a calmness of a beauty of inner peace.
Let poetry and poets be a hope that tumbles into our souls

Healing Fractures

A swirl of images cast their gloomy spell.
Blue smokey sighs whisper, 
A universe blown to bits…
and fragile, hairline fractures of crusts,
revolve cynicism.
A burial of promises, logic and silent explosions… 
Like cerebral strokes and multiple profuse bleedings.

I draw back from the edge and claw at sanity.
A skyward aspiration for positivity.
I cup tolerance as a theme…
Hold on to poetry as an anchor for peace.
I pray for different religions and colours of humanity.
To let peace, leverage the universe…
Engage in the magic of a blessed feeling…
Let peace be the sparkling bioluminescence…
Of our souls.

Ketaki Mazumdar is an award-winning author.  She writes with passion, abundance, joy and authenticity. Her poems reflect deep feelings of life, love and spirituality. She treads a magical and ancient path, hidden deep in each of us. Her work has featured in e-magazines, anthologies and poetry sites in India and abroad. Her latest book, “Woodsmoke and Embers” has been awarded, “Best Book of the Year”.

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