Poetry: Dharmpal Mahendra Jain

Dharmpal Mahendra Jain
I too wanted 

I too wanted to have rocky palms 
and steel arms, 
but how could I touch you 
without soft fingers? 
How could I know 
the fire of your touch?

I too wanted to have a chest of iron 
and a stone-like heart, 
but how could I descend 
into your tender soul? 
How could I know 
that deep inside beats a heart?

I too wanted to measure the earth 
In three steps, 
Traverse the sea and the sky, 
but how could I walk with you 
And have known my own world!

This is What I felt

I felt that I could write to you,                                     
that not a moment passed without you,                        
that I didn't let you go of for a moment,
that I didn't call out to you. I remained in these thoughts Believing you were there.

The rays of the rising sun in the sky, 
the spreading petals due to your fragrance in the breeze, 
and the water of the rising and falling waves 
All came fluttering closer to me. 
I felt that you were there. 

A bird had chirped. 
A crow was flying and peeking 
The nymphs of the forest were giggling, 
While picking cotton flowers,
I felt that you were there.

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