Are You Listening Mahatma? (Gandhian Philosophy)

Lily Swarn
It is rather tough to remain nonviolent in the face of brutality 
Have you seen an eagle swoop down on an unsuspecting creature?
The hooked beak poised to gouge out eyes 
The sharpened talons positioned to tear apart intestines. 

The eagle is hungry, it follows its instincts 
It's all about survival. 
Waging gruesome wars demanding territorial rights 
Is it merely survival that prods us to squabble?
Or are we petty gamesters demanding our pounds of flesh?

It seems rather unfashionable to put forward 
The proverbial other cheek when you get slapped on one 
Blood boils and heckles rise 

Threats of surreptitious chemical, biological warfare
Unbelievably ruthless potent weapons with unpronounceable names 
Will we let Mahatma Gandhi rest in peace?
Or will we badger your spirit with abominable violence?
Let loose the “dogs of war”?
Baying, howling, barking, and yelping.

Bio: International Beat Poet Laureate 2023 -2024, Caesar Vallejo award for literary excellence, Lily Swarn, internationally acclaimed, multilingual poet, author, columnist, radio show host, Peace and Humanity Ambassador, has authored 8 books in different genres. History on my Plate won Best Author Award. Rippling Moonbeams got Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi award, Best Book of the year. 
Over 70 international, national awards, poetry translated into 21 languages. 

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