Mahatma Gandhi – Your legacy is forever (Gandhian Philosophy)

Lakshmi Venkatachalam
Bespectacled, a slight frame, with your signature stick, 
from your fascinating times,
You have marched into modern chimes.

Giving us a sense of identity and faith, 
You showed the path of peaceful protest and Satyagraha,
 A way to win our country’s Freedom’s Cause. 

You showed us the path of tolerance,
 to gather the soft petals of all religions,
You believed in the dignity of human beings,
To glimpse at the sterling goodness 
that dwells within men and women.
Swaraj and Sarvodaya, your beacons of hope to us,
While we staggered for the comfort of a collective identity,
 Truth that would trumpet in the end, was your steadfast watchword.

A devotee of non- violence, 
you believed, not in the absence of violence,
 But in the active power of love, towards all men and women.

You are the Mahatma, who showers beams of light 
 To world leaders and troubled common folks, 
At confused crossroads in their lives.
More than ever, in these turbulent times, 
Our dear Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,
In your pristine ideals, 
lie humanity’s way to Redemption.

Bio: Lakshmi Venkatachalam Author’s Bio: Ms Lakshmi Venkatachalam is a senior journalist, poet and short story writer. Her articles and features on varied subjects have been published in English magazines and newspapers, her poems have been published regularly in TSL the online poetry group founded by Dr Ampat Koshy. Her a book of poems, “Of Hope and Faith and other poems”, was well received.

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