Frenzy (Gandhian Philosophy)

Sunita Singh
Gandhi was shot by a frenzied man –
He thought he could kill him
Did he?
I look about and find venom-spewing mouths abound
Walls of prejudice plastered by evil’s hands 
Chasms of negativity like placards stuck on faces
Macbeth’s witches brewing a cauldron to feed the masses
Poison injected in countless veins
I believe then, that Gandhi is dead!

Just then a breeze begins to blow - caressing cheeks.
Healing hands stitch up bleeding bruises
Oxygen pipes for breathless breaths
Mighty hearts which only know how to love
In the chatter of children 
In the hardworking hands of the farmer who never rests
In the few sounds of united voices 
In the flutter of three colours which join together 
with the spokes of the wheel –
The wheels of time have moved on…
But Gandhi still lives! 

Bio: Sunita Singh is a bi-lingual poet, author, and storyteller, conversant in both -English and Hindi. Her verses and stories have found a place in many Indian and International anthologies and e-magazines. Apart from a book of poems. Sunita has also come out with the biography of her late father, titled, ‘The Making of a Chief Justice of India, Life and Times of Justice Kamal Narain Singh’, which has been received well. 

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