Weaving freedom into a nation's astounding fabric! [A sestina] (Gandhian Philosophy)

Lines of sturdy invincible truths weaving
Us together in kaleidoscopic freedom
And belonging, are his labour of love spun into
Our very soul by Bapu, for a nation 
Made and adorned with astounding
Tapestries, making independence its fabric!

Coarse or silken, the heart of our fabric
Beats in unity, in diversity, weaving
Multitudinous routes to the same astounding
Peaks of existence, where freedom
Soars like an eagle undaunted, a nation's
Tricolour merging proud and high into

Endless skies! This is a truth into
Which we are born and belong, our fabric
Of inheritance so powerful that a nation's
Glorious ideals blaze like suns, weaving
Richly endowed notions of freedom.
Bapu has gifted us treasures astounding!

As we each act and live in grace astounding,
Empowering those who lack or lag, into
Spheres of ever expanding freedom
And abundance and grit, our fortified fabric
Stretches to expand, weaving
New horizons and routes for the nation. 

New routes on time-tested ideals, a nation
Evolves every hour, rising to astounding
Heights through storms, weaving 
New learning and knowledge into
Fine lines with those threads on fabric
That evolved from hard-won freedom.

Our legacy of truth, our gold of freedom
Is our greatest inheritance as a nation;
And even when sullied, this fabric 
Will hold until restored to its astounding
Grace - illuminated, light seeping into
Every realm of impossible dreams- its weaving.

Bapu lives on in a nation soaring on freedom,
The fabric he wove wearing astounding hues
New colours seeping into every weave...

Bio: Smeetha Bhoumik, winner of the 2023 Rueul International Award for Poetry, is a poet, artist and editor. She is founding editor -Yugen Quest Review (2021) and founder –WE Literary Community (2016). Her poems feature in national and international journals and anthologies. Her poetry is flying to the moon as part of the Polaris Trilogy in the Lunar Codex; thus aligning her early Universe Series artwork with her poetry in beauteous synchronicity!

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