Gandhi (Gandhian Philosophy)

Hema Ravi

Teachings of non-violence, truth, and peace
For centuries bygone have existed.
When conflicts spread, as justice gets twisted,
masses wonder if they will ever cease…

Among sentient beings, truncated
minds exist. The air gets vitiated.
Thoughts of the multitude get translated
when wrongdoers get annihilated…
Land of plenty, ruined by invasions
for eons, got reduced to poverty.
With strict vows and austerities, a son
of Bharat led, empowered relations,
urged people to rise, in tone fatherly - 
He fired through his voice, not with a gun…


Clasping his walking stick, Grandfather walks leisurely on the beaten path. His off-white khadi kurta-pajama hangs over his slender frame. A gentle wind teases, and grandfather gently pushes down the kurta, without taking his eyes off the scenes of the once familiar land.
morning fresh 
jasmine vines soar
Raised with Upanishadic values, Grandfather is a scholar of Sanskrit and English. He has studied intensively the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bible, Koran, Hindu, Greek mythologies and the Tirukkural. He believes that selflessness and self-sacrifice for a cause have immense power to heal, it also has the power to liberate from all kinds of bondage.
scent of wood -
the bookshelves
that grandpa made
After a long retreat at the Gandhi Niketan, he gained the wherewithal to empower people in his village and the surrounding regions to be self-sustained, to grow their own crops in small farms, and to rear cows and chicks. This not only helps to combat poverty, but it also keeps the village men away from liquor. 
at the ashram gate -
sudden peace

Bio: Hema Ravi, freelance trainer for IELTS and Communicative English is a poet, author, reviewer, editor, event organizer, independent researcher, and resource person for language development courses. She has authored ‘The Cuckoo Sings Again’ ‘Everyday English’ ‘Write Right Handwriting Series 1,2, 3,’ co-authored ‘Sing Along Indian Rhymes’ and ‘Everyday Hindi.’ As the Secretary of the Chennai Poets’ Circle, Chennai, she empowers writers to unleash their creative potential efficiently.  As Secretary of Connecting across Borders, she coordinates and organizes international poetry seminars and panel discussions. 

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