His Vision and Support (Gandhian Philosophy)

Sketch by Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi
 Glasses: I saw the world through his eyes

  The pain, the joy, the hope, the lies


Stick: I felt the ground beneath his feet

 The dust, the stones, the cold, the heat


Glasses: He faced the British with determination

  With his staunch vision of a liberated nation


Stick: He led the masses with his satyagraha

  Relentlessly advocating love and ahimsa


Glasses: Every comfort of the world he’d shun

 With his charkha his own khadi he spun


Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi
Stick: A fearless man, simple, humble and wise

  He remains a Mahatma in all our eyes


Glasses: I wish he could teach the country today

 As a father how to correctly re-pave the way


Stick: Oh no, I’m happy he isn’t witnessing this mess

  Or hey Ram, he’d have died several deaths in distress.


Bio: Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi is the winner of ‘The Reuel International Poetry Prize, 2022’, ‘The Poiesis Award for Excellence in Literature, 2023’, ‘The Indian Women Rising Star for Literature, 2023’ and ‘The National Chanting Bards Award, 2023’. Her debut book of poems titled “Two Cents for My Thoughts” released in May 2023 is garnering prolific praise and has been featured as a ‘Notable Release’ in the elite international literary ‘Fasihi Magazine’.

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