Harshringar – stars on the ground (Gandhian Philosophy)

Avantika Vijay Singh
In delicate whiteness abound
With hearts of saffron
That fall to the morning sun.

Mahatma Gandhi was not much unlike this flower…
One of the messiahs of humanity with immense spiritual power
His philosophy of non-violence symbolized by the white
Tinged with a saffron heart of courage and sacrifice bright.

And like the flower that stains the ground saffron where it falls in a flood,
For the motherland his life sacrificed and the ground stained with his blood.
But the fragrance of his principles like the Harshringar flower,
Continue to guide the country's foreign policy and hold immense power.

In the darkness of the night
To the tree we are drawn by the fragrance at its height
His principles, too, have the power to timelessly guide the country’s destiny 
Based on the timeless philosophy of the Gita that is our country’s spiritual identity

Bio: Avantika Vijay Singh is a writer, editor, poet, researcher, and photographer. She is the author of two solo poetry books i.e., Flowing… in the river of life and Dancing Motes of Starlight (her debut eBook). She is the winner of the Nissim International Award Runner Up 2023. She enjoys a good laugh over herself, as attested by her blog “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives” in the Times of India.

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